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This photo album is filled with picture of people who I love very much, who I often laugh with and those in my life that know me. #friends #family #memories #stories #photos

Maverick #dogonplane #bulkhead #seatmate

Perfect for my computer screen and a good daily reminder #thoughtoftheday #quotes #wisewords

As I crawl into bed with a heavy heart because I miss my mother so very much, I am thankful for the amazing out pour of support from my friends who I consider more like family. They say time heals all wounds yet 4 years later I still feel the same grief. With each passing day, month, and year I will grow stronger and move forward. So to my friends I have two words: Thank You!


We hope you’re out & about on this gorgeous NYC Saturday. 
Look 👀 for our NEW SIGN in all its glory - and stop by! 😃

When living in NYC I would love to walk there on weekend and browse. Miss that store.

But I can’t help feel mad.

Sure I finished and believe me I am happy that I didn’t quit…at least not today.

But placing 1st in my age group and finishing dead last shouldn’t be in the same sentence in my mind. Everyone is so proud of me, happy for me, and I just can’t seem to shake this feeling of “I won by default”

Sure there is room for improvement and I will improve with time. I have to remember this was my 1st 5K. I didn’t train. I didn’t follow a plan. I woke up, met my Team Challenge Team & Coach and just participated. ( I am the Endurance Manager, not a participant.)

Who knows when my next 5K will be, but I will have an improved time and hopefully feel better.

Rebuilding one day at a time thanks to the amazing support of family and friends near and far #rebuild #newchapter

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Miss you so much.

Lately I feel like that has been my response to many friends, families and colleagues.

I tend to think I am good at multitasking; however lately that would not be the case. I am exhausted after work, yet unable to sleep. I go over list after list in my head always afraid I am going to miss something.

Did you send me that chart? Who me

Did you pay that bill? Who me

Did you call grandma? Who me

Did you book that reservation? Who me

Tonight I am eating sushi, working, doing laundry, packing and hopefully getting a full night of sleep. Tomorrow I drive 4.5 hours to a work meeting over night. Sunday, I will call grandma, pay the  bill, send the chart and maybe make the reservation.

Took to the swings to clear my head #decisions #bigcity